Desert island panorama with palm trees on the beach

These days, just about everyone in the West enjoys the privilege of travelling the world and exploring new places. Everyone except, that is, for the old, the infirm and those unfortunate enough to be imprisoned. In the case of the first two, it is through no fault of their own. In the case of the latter, it is usually as a result of their own unsocial actions and I have little or no pity for them.

There is, however, a third category formed of the countless billions, even in this day and age, who are unable to travel through reasons of poverty, war, or politics. They have my deepest sympathy and I respectfully suggest that you pay them a thought the next time you are posting your latest holiday snaps and tweets. It won’t change anyone’s life but maybe, just maybe, if enough people raise their own awareness of the want and suffering of others, then the world as a whole will become a more understanding and less selfish place.

For myself, I have been blessed with the good fortune to take many trips over the years, and there have indeed been a lot of them. I have seen some amazing sights and enjoyed some wonderful experiences that I would very much enjoy sharing.

As it says in the song:-

“I’ve had my moments / Days in the sun / When I was second to none.From the song, Moments, written by Sam and Annie Tate and recorded by Emerson Drive.

This section is intended to be an account of my own trips and special moments. I have no illusions about being a Bill Bryson, but the stories make me laugh, and I hope they may bring a smile to you as well.

So, read on and enjoy. Or not, as you will.


The Life of Sigh! – India 2001 A journey around Dehli, Rajasthan And Goa. Featuring Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodphur.