Genesis of the Graces

Zeus was in his armoury on Olympus, counting out his thunderbolts, when into the room walked his third wife, Eurynome. Of course, she didn’t actually walk. That would have been difficult in the extreme for a mermaid. Instead, she was pushed along in a wheeled golden bath by the three naked warriors who served as her bodyguards.

“What are you doing, husband mine?” she enquired in a sultry voice, probably caused by spending so much of her time underwater, breathing brine through her sexy gills.

“Just counting my thunderbolts dear,” he replied, somewhat grumpily.

“Ah, so playing with your toys then. Wouldn’t you rather play with me, instead?” The question was accompanied by a sharp arching of the eyebrows and a coy wetting of the lips that left no room for misinterpretation of her meaning.

“Umm, well, of course, dear,” replied the undisputed ruler of the Cosmos. “But these bolts won’t count themselves, and someone’s got to do it. Maybe tomorrow night?”

The truth was that he was feeling a bit inadequate in the presence of her strapping bodyguard’s own dangling thunderbolts. After all, he wasn’t as young as he had once been. Being a God takes it out of you, you know. What with the constant changing from man to bull to swan to shower of stars and back again, every time you wanted to spread a little happiness amongst your current flock of human lovers.

Water splashed out of the bath and over the floor, as Eurynome slapped her tail in obvious annoyance.

“You always say that! We haven’t had any tap and slickle for a thousand years. I am beginning to think you don’t fancy me any-more.”

Zeus sighed and rolled his eyes at the mention of that old chestnut again. What was it with his wives? Why couldn’t they be satisfied with a quick grope and thrash in the stables every millennium or so, like the big-bosomed nectar maids over in Valhalla?

“Now, now, dear. It’s not that I don’t fancy you. It’s just that, well…” Zeus’ gaze dropped to Eurynome’s shiny scaled tail. “It’s just that it’s, well, you know…difficult.

“That never stopped you when we were young,” retorted Eurynome, her emerald-green eyes flashing. “Back then, I only had to wiggle my flukes, and you were in your giant John Dory persona.The Latin Name for the John Dory Fish is Zeus Faber Swishing your bloated turbot from left to right like a demented besom.”

Zeus sighed again. He knew when he was beaten. Or rather, in this case, about to be beaten. Eurynome could be a bit rough during the fish with two tails. He smiled magnanimously and put down the thunderbolt he had been polishing.

“All right, my dearest. Perhaps I have been neglecting you a tad. Let me just grab a bowl of ambrosia and a jug of nectar to raise my spirits, (and everything else he thought to himself), and I’ll join you on the matrimonial river-bed. You get the shingles ready, and I’ll bring my most excellent spear for your delight.

Over the next 90 days,(90 years in human terms), the triplets, Euphrosyne, Thalia and Aglaia were hatched. What incredible lives would the fates draw out for them, and what wonderful adventures would they share?

To be Continued (Maybe)

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