Dantes Dilemma

Thank you for visiting my site. If you feel like you have been here before you may be right as I seem to re-boot it every couple of years.

My name is Dante, and I have a Dilemma in that I can’t decide whether I want to be a serious blogger, a writer, or just another sad person who rants their confused and angry opinions into the Ether. Only time will tell where this is going, but probably no-where is as good a guess as any.

I have a further problem in that I can’t seem to decide who I am writing it for. Is it just for myself, or do I want to share my memories and opinions with a broader audience? Come to think of it, I am not even convinced that it is the writing that I enjoy most. I seem to be taking equal or greater satisfaction from the act of learning new skills and techniques.

Decisions, Decisions. Sigh! I used to think that I was indecisive, but now I am not so sure. Maybe I should just jump in and see where my memory, imagination, and keyboard take me. Que sera, sera!

Now, if I can just remember how the various programs work, or, more likely, learn how to use them in the first place!

Where’s the Vodka? I have a feeling that I am going to need it.

Dante July 2019